APS Affiliate 96

Conditions for Oxcart Mail Bid Sales

Approved by the Socorico
Board of Directors, February 2001
  1. Oxcart/SOCORICO Mail Bid Sales are restricted to SOCORICO members in good standing.
  2. Bids must reach the Sales Manager no later than the specified closing date.
  3. Lots are sold to the highest bidder at one increment over the next highest bid, in accordance with the schedule below. In case of ties, the earliest bid will prevail.
  4. Notification of successful bids, together with the invoice for the amount due will be mailed soon after the sale closes. Payment by successful bidders is required prior to shipment and is due immediately upon receipt of the invoice. Refunds will be made promptly in the case of lots returned for just cause.
  5. Owners are charged 10% of the amount realized. Postage costs will be added to the invoice.
  6. Members are urged to send their philatelic material to the Sales Manager for inclusion in future Oxcart sales, bearing in mind that a delay of several months is possible, depending on the material submitted and the quantity of material on hand.
  7. Material is submitted at the owner's risk. Every reasonable precaution is taken for its protection, including Socorico paid insurance against loss by fire, theft, or disappearance in transit. However, neither the Sale Manager nor Socorico is to be held responsible for damage of disappearance of material submitted for sale.
  8. Owners must describe each lot and set the reserve. The Sales Manager will confirm the description and may edit it if necessary, but will in no case describe, lot or assign reserves for material submitted for sale.
  9. Catalog numbers and values are quoted from Scott's latest edition. When appropriate, Mena catalog numbers or other catalog numbers may be used as appropriate.
  10. Mint (***) means full original gum, never hinged; (**) means gummed stamps with evidence of hinge marks; (*) means without gum; TS = tropical stain; other abbreviations may be used from time to time.
  11. Remittances should be made to the Sales Manager by name.
  12. Owners must pay postage and insurance for the return of unsold material.
  13. A "List of Prices Realized" will be published in a succeeding issue of The Oxcart
Schedule of Minimum Bid Advances

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